Handcrafted, Small-Batch Spirits From Our Home to Yours

From Grain to Glass: The Story of a Family-Owned Distillery

McCracken Curve is a family distillery, operated by the Kavanaughs in scenic Southern Indiana.

McCracken Curve is also a place – where US Highway 50 arcs across the original McCracken land patent near Montgomery, in the heart of Southern Indiana Amish country. We strive to create spirits with character (that taste damn good), serve our community, and honor our roots.

The distillery is small, but we believe this hand-crafted approach makes better product, and we hope that each bottle provides a taste of what really matters in life — family, friends, and the time you spend together.

The Kavanaughs have been part of Daviess County for six generations, when Timothy Kavanaugh emigrated from Ireland after the Great Famine in search of a better life. The original farm remains part of our family and is the inspiration for HOMEPLACE BOURBON, which features the farmhouse on the label and local grain in the bottle.

Ballyloughan Castle is the Irish ancestral home of the Kavanaughs, where for centuries they held court and battled invaders. Today, BALLYLOUGHAN CASTLE rises once more, as an exceptional single malt whiskey, produced by their descendants in Southern Indiana.

As Hoosiers, STAR 19 VODKA honors Indiana as the 19th US state. The twinkling field of stars on the deepest blue label matches the clear crispness of the handcrafted, premium charcoal-filtered spirit within.

There is a mischievous side as well. McCRACKEN CURVE APPLE PI MOONSHINE is for the bootlegger with brains. While (mostly) upstanding citizens, those early relatives were known to make their own moonshine as well. Now our stills run strong and free, and people can’t get enough of this super-smooth spirit.

The next time you raise a glass, here’s to you remembering your past, celebrating your present, and looking forward to your next adventure.


*Irish toast “to your health” (pronounced “slant yeah”)

Our Collection

Homeplace Bourbon Whiskey

McCracken Curve takes Hoosier craft distilling to the next level in scenic Daviess County. HOMEPLACE BOURBON is backed by six generations of the Kavanaugh family, with roots as deep as the limestone aquifer and local grains that create this exceptional whiskey. Handcrafted one barrel at a time, this bottle is our family’s pledge to you – home is where the heart is, and everyone needs a HOMEPLACE.

Ballyloughan Castle

Ballyloughan Castle is ancestral home of the Kavanaughs, kings of Irish Leinster province. For centuries they lived, laughed, and battled English invaders like Richard II, Henry VIII, and ultimately Oliver Cromwell. Today, BALLYLOUGHAN CASTLE rises once more, as an exceptional American single malt whiskey, produced by their descendants in Southern Indiana. This whiskey is for upstarts everywhere who protect, persist, and partake.

Star 19 Vodka

This handcrafted vodka pays homage to Indiana, the 19th state upon whose flag shines 19 stars over a field of deepest blue. It is distilled in small batches in a pot still and filtered through premium activated charcoal. This old-fashioned approach takes more time and effort, but it’s worth it. No sugar or artificial ingredients added, just great-tasting vodka. Whether for grand achievement or quiet moment, Star 19 is the ultimate Hoosier spirit.

McCracken Curve Apple Pi Moonshine

McCracken Curve Pi Moonshine is for the bootlegger with brains, who likes the equation “Pi Shine = Good Time.” Indiana has been the perfect place to ‘shine, with two Prohibitions (1855-58 and 1920-33). Now the stills run strong and free, so sit back, relax, and enjoy: math never tasted so good.

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